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New Boards Appointed for Statutory Bodies under Ministry of Works

Government has appointed new members to sit on the Board of Directors of State run authorities which fall under the Ministry of Communications and Works, Physical Development, Public Utilities and ICT.
These authorities are the National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA), Gravel, Concrete and Emulsion Production Corporation, Grenada Postal Corporation, Physical Planning and Development Control Authority and the Transport Board. No changes have been announced for the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRC) to date.
Communications and Works Minister Hon. Gregory Bowen, who is also responsible for Physical Development, Public Utilities and ICT, made the announcement at the Post Cabinet briefing on Tuesday.
The new Physical Planning and Development Control Authority Board will help to expedite the approval of plans for construction the Minister said. He said, it is his hope that the tardiness of approval of plans by the Physical Planning Unit, expressed by the public will be rectified. It is important for the rebirth of the construction sector, since the private sector is expected to put about 200 million dollars into the economy through the construction sector, Minister Bowen said.
The members are:
Winston Gabriel (Chairman), Paul Phillip (Ministry of Environment), Mr. Kelly Patrick (Ministry of Agriculture), Mrs. Daniella Williams Mitchell (Legal representative), Mr. Emmerson Theodore (Business Sector), Mr. Christopher Husbands (General Manager of NAWASA), Mr. Sean Charles, while Executive Secretary is Ms. Virginia Ashby and representatives from the Ministries of Housing and Works.
Mr. Bowen also spoke of the constitution of the Physical Planning appeals tribunal, which will give the developer the opportunity to seek redress if the Board turns down a particular plan.
According to law, the tribunal must constitute three persons — the chairperson, who must be a lawyer of over ten years standing.
They are Mr. Dwight Horsford (Chairman), Mrs. Meryl Forsyth and Geoff Groome.
The new board for NAWASA consists of Terry Forrester (Chairman), Ann Antoine (representing Ministry of Health), Margaret Frame (Ministry Of Finance), Chief Technical Officer (Ministry of Works), Michael Mason (Ministry of Agriculture), Samuel Niles from the public, Jeff Matheson from Carriacou, and Ms. Cynthia Charles.
Regarding the Grenada Postal Corporation, the Chairman is Mr. Sean Charles. Other members are Permanent Secretary in the Ministry Of Works Mr. Isaac Bhagwan, Margaret Frame (Ministry of Finance), Mr. Devon Rachae, Mr. Cosnel Baptiste, Mr. Donald Matheson and Mr. Richie Ollivierre.
Gravel and Concrete Emulsion Production Corporation has been undergoing some financial difficulties, and has already been called by the Banks. Mr. Bowen said, the Ministry of Finance is now involved because the loan to the Company is being restructured as part of the National Restructuring Plan.
The Board members who will oversee operations of this Statutory body comprise, Martin Thomas (Chairperson), Mr. Francis Louison (Ministry of Works),  Andre Lewis (a representative from the Technical and Allied Workers Union, TAWU), Mr. Chester Palmer, Mrs. Madge Mc Guire, and Mr. Lawrence Samuel.
The members of the Transport Board which has authority over the issuance of stickers and the regulation of the transport system are, the CTO in the Ministry of Works as Chairperson, Head of the Traffic Department Supt. Frank Philbert, Commissioner of Police or a representative who is ACP Edvin Martin, Ronald Hughes from the Insurance Sector, representative from the Attorney General’s Chamber, Lawrence Samuel for the Public’s interest and Stanley Granger, owner of public vehicles.

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