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Outreach Offices - Locations & Contacts

In keeping with its promise of bringing more services to the people and making Grenada work for all, the Government of Grenada has established outreach offices in every parish.
The Government of Grenada believes that this is important to achieve maximum service delivery.
These offices will serve to address the concerns of all citizens regardless of ethnicity, religion or political preference in order to efficiently meet the needs of communities.
This will also reduce the time and cost associated with traveling to the capital city of St George's where most of the main Ministerial Offices are located. All information received at these offices will be placed in a database and the information will be transmitted to the respective Ministries.
To decentralize the delivery of social services offered by the Government, the offices serve as a liaison between citizens and the various Government Ministries.
The Ministries are:
  • Works, Physical Development, Public Utilities and the Environment
  • Community Development, Lands and Housing
  • Youth Empowerment, Sports and Culture
  • Social Development, Ecclesiastical Affairs and Labour
  • Education and Human Resource Development
  • Health

The offices are responsible for the following:

  • Selection process for De-bushing, Farm Workers Programme and Road Maintenance
  • Assess, coordinate and report on community projects
  • Assist with all housing programmes
  • Gather information on youth training & employment needs
  • Act as an employment desk
  • Act as a channel for the collection & distribution of information and other data.
  • Act as an information centre for programmes of the Ministry of Social Development, i.e. public assistance, burial of the poor, assistance to necessitous persons.
Ministry of Works collaborates with all Ministries that offer social programmes.
These linkages will facilitate the sharing of both knowledge and resources and assist in the effective functioning of the Outreach Offices.
Management and Supervision
All officers attached to the Government of Grenada's Outreach Offices are guided by the rules and procedures governing the Public Service.
Each office has a Supervisor to aid in the efficient delivery of services.
Opening hours are from 9:00am to 5 :00pm Monday to Friday.
The Outreach Offices will review all requests and will forward the requests as appropriate along with comments to the Ministry of Works for transmission to the respective Ministries for follow up.
Main Street (Public Works Administrative Building)
Tel: (473) 443-6026
Pearls (Next to the Public Works Building)
Tel: (473) 438-5643
Victoria Street, Grenville (Soubise Fishermen Cooperative Building)
Tel: (473) 438-4824
La Sagesse Playing Field Pavilion
Tel: (473) 444-6045
Queens Park (Former Vector Control Building)
Tel: (473) 435-8840
Grand Anse (Sandino Block Plant)
Tel: (473) 439-8352
Upper Depradine Street (Next to Public Works Building)
Tel: (473) 437-1602
Victoria (Downstairs building before the bridge)
Tel: (473) 437-1601

Contact Information

Ministry of Communications, Works, Physical Development, Public Utilities, ICT & Community Development
Ministerial Complex, Botanical Gardens
St. George’s, Grenada, W.I.
Phone: (473) 440-2271/2
Fax: (473) 440-4122
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